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Mark Doyle


087 2483622

“How would I describe the work environment at Doyle Bros Construction? Strong, professional, and varied.There is room for everyone’s ideas and input”

As a founder partner along with his brother David, Mark has extensive knowledge in construction science. Over the years Mark’s expertise and experience has seen a number of complex projects brought to a successful conclusion. His priority is his responsibility to the client, the company and the team. His role involves working with the relevant people from the word go to set up the contract with agreed objectives, planning, monitoring and evaluation, and to guarantee the project gets done effectively and efficiently within the agreed contract parameters.


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David Doyle


087 6092608

“Seeing the design concept from the initial stage, finalized to the highest building standards achievable, is the most satisfying aspect of my role as project manager”

As the other founder partner, David is the glue that keeps a project moving, on schedule and on budget. The vast majority of his time is spent communicating with everyone involved in the project, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. David’s high level of experience enables him to anticipate problems before they occur, which allows the team to accomplish project goals regardless of changing circumstances.