• Guaranteed Start Date
    When the quotation is accepted we discuss and agree a start date and advise on how long the project will take. Once we commit to a start date we guarantee to keep to this date regardless of any other projects that we may have undertaken at the time.


  • Realistic Completion Date
    We always give our clients a realistic completion date for the project. We are aware that clients make preparations for our work, such as scheduling time off work, plan for events such as installations of furniture or appliances etc all after the expected completion date of our project.


  • Clean and Tidy Work Environment
    During our work we maintain a clean and tidy working environment at all times. We respect the home environment in which we are working. Each evening, we clean up the working environment, tidying up our tools, equipment and working materials as much as possible.


  • Ongoing Relationship with your Project Manager
    For the duration of the project the client will have an on going dialogue with our project manager. This is necessary to discuss the detail of the work being carried out, such as for example where to position extra sockets, light switches and so on.


  • Finishing Touches
    We take great care to ensure that all fixtures and fittings are correctly fitted at the correct location, chosen by the client. Painting and decorating is also done to a high standard throughout.


  • In Closing
    As we approach the final stages of the project, we do a walkthrough with the client of all work done to date. During the walkthrough we make out a snag list of all outstanding issues. Over the coming days we will address each of the issues.


  • Project Completion
    Once the project is completed as agreed and signed off by the client, we will remove all of our working materials, tools, waste materials and skips. We then do a final clean up thus returning the site to the owner in good condition.


  • Our Guarantee
    Our reputation is our most important asset and, as a result, much of our new business comes from recommendations from past clients. Our track record of successfully completed projects and our satisfied clientele is, perhaps, your best guarantee to a successful outcome for your project. However, we can offer the following additional guarantees to new clients.


  • Certificate of Compliance
    A Certificate of Compliance certifies that the work that has been carried out is fit for the purpose and is in compliance with all planning and building regulations. It should be issued whenever you have any work of a structural nature carried out in your home. It can only be issued by a qualified architect or structural engineer following regular site inspections during the construction project can only issue it. Our partner-engineering firm will issue this Certificate when required by the client. This will always be charged as an extra cost within our Quotation.


  • Labour and Materials Guarantee
    We offer all clients a 6 Year Guarantee against defects in our workmanship and building materials.


  • Structural Guarantee
    In the unlikely event of a serious structural defect arising, you are protected with a structural guarantee. We offer all clients a 6 Year Structural Guarantee against structural defects for a six-year period, following the date of building completion.