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House Renovations.

Over the years we have carried out many types of home improvements for customers whether it is repair, replacement, remodelling or a full house renovation. Sometimes a house needs more than a lick of paint. Something as simple as knocking out a wall between rooms can dramatically change the appearance of your home. Likewise creating an en-suite bathroom or converting the garage, the possibilities are endless. The items we feel are most popular in the remodelling category are bathroom fit-outs, kitchen fit outs, and en-suite creations along with such items as porcelain tiling to floors, solid timber flooring to floors, replacing internal doors, skirting & architraves, internal wall knock thru’s and re-plastering services to rooms etc.

Remember if you are deciding to knock down an internal wall it may be a supporting structure. It requires professional opinion and should not be undertaken without an engineer’s specification.

So again how much will renovating my home cost? Well, how long is a piece of string?

This really is a difficult question to answer, as each renovation is unique, but we can assure youDuring Works Bishopstown Photo-1 our pricing will be the most competitive, without compromising on building regulations. But before any projects are undertaken we will furnish you with a full tender price, detailing full specifications of your renovation….If you are satisfied with this tender price we will then issue you with a set of contracts detailing the terms and conditions and commencement date. If you are satisfied with the agreement the project is now ready to proceed!!!