Architect Image - 1Quality is of paramount importance to all team members at Doyle Bros Construction Ltd. We are continually evaluating and improving the level of service we offer to clients to ensure our reputation for quality on which we pride ourselves is maintained and grown. We are committed to providing projects that are not just fit for purpose but which exceed expectation in terms of quality of build and it's functionality. We as a company constantly review and monitor the following:

  • client specification and application.
  • perforamnce and customer satisfaction.
  • management, employee, third party training and development.
  • environment care.
  • health and safety legislation.
  • research and development.


Safety Image 01

Doyle Bros Construction has both statutory and moral obligations to ensure the proper protection of the Health Safety Welfare of it's operatives. We operate with a total commitment toward Health & Safety & Welfare. This is achieved through the implementation of our safety management system. All our site management are trained and accredited to the highest safety management standards. No operatives are permitted to work on site without the appropriate safe pass or plant operators certification and appropriate health and safety equipment. Health and safety at work is also a major consideration in the procurement and appointment of subcontractors.


Doyle Bros Construction recognises the importance of minimising the impact of construction activities on the environment. We are committed toEnvironment Image 001 achieving this through adherence with relevant legislation, local and regulatory authority guidance and industry best practice. We as a company manages it's environmental responsiblities under the following briefs:

  • waste facility management
  • noise and vibration
  • air pollution
  • water pollution
  • traffic management
  • contaminated land
  • ecology, archaeology and cultural heritage
  • delivery and storage of gases, fuels and chemicals.